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[ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser. fire investigators are working to determine the cause of a pair of fatal fires. 68-year-old reginald russell was killed when his home went up in fire. the next day 88-year-old gertie horton died in a house fire. bloaght died from smoke inhalation -- both died from smoke inhalation. hun descrieds of people came -- hundreds of people came out to remember the navy seal who was killed in afghanistan when his helicopter crashed in a fire time of the hundreds lined the streets in edgewater to welcome
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his body home. hurricane isaac may have moved on from louisiana, but hundreds of thousands are still without power. more homes are in dangerous are of flooding as the river is expected to crest. for 30 years, people have visited a popular dundalk landmark for the seafood. tonight people are coming to ross' crab house for another reason to seat devastation that happened -- see the devastation that happened. >> reporter: hot spots flaring up and emotioning rning --
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emotions running high. >> the basement was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: just before 7:30, cindy was helping prep for an upcoming catering job when she smelled smoke and kicked into action. >> i went up stairs to get fire extinguisher. i couldn't put it out. ran back up and told everyone to get out. >> reporter: employees and customers scrambled to get out. it was packed for senior citizen day. >> that was the biggest thing that everybody got out okay. >> reporter: still, it's a big loss for the owner. as a little girl, she bread oysters in the kitchen.
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>> sadness. upset for my employees because they don't have jobs now. all that, just the whole thing, the history, my parents, you know. >> reporter: it is grief for what's gone that has compelled her to action. >> it's a lot more than a restaurant. it's my life. >> she said the timing of the fire has made dealing with it even more difficult because of the holiday. she said it's been difficult trying to track down her insurance company. the cause of the fire still under investigation. a fire broke out in jest sup. firefighters were called to mel's liquor on waterloo road. they arrived top find heavy flames and smoafnlgt the fire was exfinger wished within raven
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hour -- extinguished within an hour. all right. as we take a look over downtown, it's been raining off and on. is it going to be a washout. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. a nice day to stay in or catch a movie. flash flood warning for baltimore city, baltimore county for a specific down pour over the towson area reaching into the northern part of the county. there will be some ponding of water from the down pour. more tropical moisture feeding into this whole system and will arrive over the next several days. your question, will it be a
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whrashout? the next several days, we think so. the rest of the evening, more showers and storms and more humid conditions. boy, this is muggy. more on how things will develop is coming up. >> remember, you can check the forecast on the road. just head to you can learn how top down load our -- to download our weather app and get the storm shield app. well, the baltimore grand prix is over. now comes the big cleanup. crews are working to get ready for tomorrow. they started breaking down the race track last night. all major streets around the two-mile tracker expected to be open by 5 tomorrow morning. grand prix officials said sharp street will be closed. this is the second year the grand prix is hosted in baltimore. coming up a fisherman
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discovered a great white shark washed up on the beach. what scientists are saying about the 1600 pound predator and how this got there. >> a diver runs into a seal. where this seal was spotted holding hands with a human.
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an early morning fire destroyed the building in portland. it used to be the red lion inn. it took more than 200 fire crew members about four hours to get the flames under control. a nearby interstate had to be shut down for several hours because some of the embers were hitting passing cars. a massachusetts fisherman comes face to face with a great white shark. the video we're about to show you might be disturbing. the fisherman spotted the 13-foot great white at daybreak. luckily the fierce predator was on the beach and not struggling. look at that. >> made your adrenaline go a
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little bit. it had jaws written all over it. >> it looked like jaws. scientists say this shark had not been tagged and there's no obvious signs of trauma. now the waters are off limit where that shark was discovered. finding a bear in your home is scary, but imagine it happening three times. a woman in florida said it happened to her. this devoured some meat in the garage freezer. must have liked it because this came back two more times. the bear broke through the screen door and drank all the beer. homeowners called animal chrome and they said -- control and they said they who look into it. a resident in colorado woke
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up to a deer swimming in his pool. the animal was left treading water until police and fire came up with a plan to get him out. they placed a board in the pool to make a ramp. as soon as it made it to dry land, it took off. a diver in the united kingdom was diving when a seal became curious. first he tried to nibble on his shoulder many then he grabbed his hand. the friendly seal seemed toen joy the little paw massage. i still can't get over the jaws. coming up -- this is common sense. it's smart to shop around for mechanics. even minor repairs can be costly. while mobile repairs may not be
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cheap. the next time you did to drink a berks pay close attention to the class. the shape of your class may drive you to drink more.
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to save money on a car reparks a mobile mechanic may be the -- repair, a mobile mechanic may be the answer but john matarese as more. >> even a small repair can top $500. so shade tree mechanics are back in demand. only problem, some of them are just out to rip you off. david just opens the hood of his by sick to show me what he's almost embarrassed to admit.
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he was ripped off by a scam mechanic. >> went on to craigslist oar loor three he found mechanics offering service between $25, $50 an hour. he called one and paid him cash upfront for some need parts. when the mechanic said he was done, david realized he was taken. >> he had to remove the bolts to pull the engine out. you can tell the bolts never had rust removed off of them oar david was out more than $500 with an unreparred engine. so we searched online and found this is a common scam nationwide. >> you're paying for the parts. only when you get the car back, the engine was never out of the car oar loor there's nothing wrong with most mobile mechanics. they can save you money but aaa warns to get their address, google them and make sure they have a truck full of tools.
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ask if they take credit cards. most legitimate ones do and never pay cash in advance loo doesn't matter whether he looks like mother teresa or he tells you he's mother teresa. >> reporter: never let someone work on your car who doesn't have a legitimate place of business or at least several references that you can trust. and never pay cash up front so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. the associated press is reported that green mile actor michael clark duncan has died. duncan played john coffey in the drone mile and played in the planet of the apes, we'll have much more coming uponight on abc2 news. take a look at the current
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flash flooding map. this includes baltimore county and the city. runoff. we can see it drifting further north, rain letting up from towson southward, a downpour reaching into the harford zone. tremendous rain. we'll continue to see hit and miss showers and storms for the indefinite future at least through the middle part of the week, at least through wednesday night. weather in annapolis, a mixture of sun and clouds, more clouds than anything by late in the day. 83 degrees. humidity at 72% and on the whole muggy weather. get a look at the temperature map, low 80s in easton and ocean city. you can see the dew point numbers in the mid-70s. this is about as humid as it possibly can get, very, very
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muggy conditions. slightly drier into papa, but not much. the heat indexes reflecting the heat and humidity. it's warm and muggy, very little breeze. more showers and storms will continue to drift in out of the south and west. in this situation typically we see more flareups of showers in the afternoon with the heating of the day. it calms down by night and we get it the next day, all because of the tropical moisture of what was isaac continuing to stroll in our direction. the center is way out into the areas north of the tennessee valley. it will take several days for this slow moving moisture to gen to clear out from the west. what's left of isaac will continue to churn into showers. humid air helping to fuel. that a frontal boundary tries to drift further south as we go toward mid-week. that could spark more rain. the tropics are very active. what caused isaac and what's
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causing our several days of rain, we've got more of those types of storms churning in the atlantic. in the south atlantic, it's all about tropical storm leslie and the fact that we don't know where leslie will head and that it's on the verge of a category one hurricane and projected to go category two. still well off the u.s. coast. if it lingers around, perhaps an eastward drift, could eventually get close are to the east coast. we'll see what happens. tonight 72 with showers and humid conditions. 86, muggy, showers, storms, some downpours. we may seat rain and moisture peaking tomorrow night into early wednesday. seven-day forecast, more rain for the next three days into the friday and weekend time frame i do think we'll see brief chance
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for drier weather. now to democracy 2012 news, last week the republicans hadder that chance. they took aim at president obama in their convention. this week the democrats get their chance to respond. tory dunnan joins us now from the site of this week's democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina i know things are just getting underway. tell us what's happening now. >> reporter: organizers at the dnc are making sure things are ready. you have supporters and delegates arriving in charlotte. one thing that will be different is, of course, the message. democrats watched republicans in tampa hammer the president on the economy. >> millions of americans are unsure about their future. >> that money wasn't just spent and wasted it. was borrowed, spent and wasted. >> we must reign -- reign in the
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skyrocketing cost. >> reporter: with the tough question, whether voters are better off now than four years ago. >> folks, let me make something clear and slay it to the press. america is better off today than they left us when they left. >> reporter: here convention hall democrats will unveil a star studded lineup to match the enthusiasm from four years ago. >> you know my husband has your back. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama on tuesday. former president bill clinton on wednesday when he will formally nominate the president and vice-president joe biden before introducing president obama on thursday.
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here's what the president is up to today. he's on this tour being dubbed the tour. he's taking a quick break from the campaign trip. he just landed in louisiana where he will be looking at the storm damage from hurricane isaac. one person that has already arrived at the convention is michelle obama. she gave everyone a wave. >> all right. thanks, live from charlotte, north carolina. we'll see you tomorrow. three days after he accepted the republican nomination, mitt romney's twitter account surpassed the 1 million mark. romney thanked followers and made a point to call his followers active. some high profile figures have been accused of beefing it up
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with fake accounts. president obama's campaign page has more than 19 million followers. the obama administration introduced one ofs it big secrets, the white house beer making recipe. two brews are made with honey harvested from the white house beehive. it comes after the online brewing community filed a freedom of information act request. >> freedom of information act for the beer resty. great. all right. i'm jamie costello. coming up all new at 6:00, how often do you text compared to how often you talk. we look at how your fingers are doing all the talking instead of your lips. plus, buying a new home can be confusing. abc2 news is working for you to make sure you don't get scammed when it comes to your deed.
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those stories and more at 6:00. bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. abut it'll become so much more. concrete and steel... a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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experts predicted september might be the time we see relief at the pumps, but the prices are still hi sky i-the damage from the hurricane is not -- the blend of gasoline could bring prices down about 20-cent as gallon over the next month or so. >> bad news for popcorn lovers. the midwest drought is driving up prices. retail prices have jumped from
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$20 for a bag to $30. analysts predict the price for bucket of pop corn at movies won't rise too much. the next time you have a drink at the barks take notice of the shape of the glassments the shape of your beer glass may affect how fast you drink. researchers found people tend to drink their bruise faster out have a curved glass than a straight one. beer out of a consider offed class is consumed four hours faster. it makes it harder to's yourself because they make it difficult to determine how much you've had. coming up, governor martin o'malley section plank himself after -- is explaining himself after some said the way he answered the question --
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